founded in 1683 - 325 years of tradition have developed the Vienna coffee house into a cultural form that is unique in the world. It has also become a symbol of the Viennese style of life and its legendary cosyness, so that today it is a very popular tourist attraction. In the old monarchy Vienna was the capital of a great empire. As a result Viennese coffee houses were established in its cities Budapest, Prague, Trieste, ...

cafe sperl, vienna

To enable authentic versions of the sensitive product Original Viennese Coffee House to be established worldwide the “Café Wien – Consult & Franchise Co. Ltd.” was founded by leading Viennese coffeehouse owners under the auspices of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce and its special section for coffee houses in 1988.

viennese pastries

In our concept an Original Viennese Coffee House combines two types of business; the traditional Viennese coffee house and the Viennese pastry shop. So many of Vienna’s coffee houses – steeped in tradition and lovingly cared for – have been taken as models for stylistically authentic copies in great cities all over the world.